Saturday, June 19, 2010

School and ACC: I'm DONE!

Hey everyone sorry it's been so long since I've posted! My last semester at school was a tough one but I got all A's B's and C's!!! I did really well this semester. Got a perfect score when I had to memorize the To Be Or Not To Be speech from Hamlet. Not to mention I didnt get below a D on ANY tests this semester!

My secret there is that I had the tests given to me as oral exams. That went really well the first time it was done so this whole semester I did it and I did so well!! I'm so thankful for that option.

When I memorized the To Be Or Not To Be speech my secret is that I used colored idex cards and divided the speech into three different cards and memorized it through that. I also found the speech in song form on Amazon and got it and used that! So if you have a child or you yourself struggle with those similar things those are some things that you can do for that.

Anyway...On May 1st I graduated with a Bachelors in Youth Ministry!!! Now I'm just searching for a job and I'm leaving that to God. I'm focusing more on ACCAA (I'll blog more about this later.

And I now have a new project with some of my friends called LLLTD It exists to help young girls with self esteem and other issues. Look us up we've got a page and blog you can find us under LLLTD or Live Love Laugh Tackle (sometimes we have be Deteremined at the end of that) :)

I'm so excited to give most of my energy and time to these projects, and I'm glad to be done with school!!