Friday, November 9, 2012

Jobs and ACC

When I was in college I posted more than one blog post about my time in school with ACC. Now that I'm older and a college graduate I've entered a new part of life. I'm ready to join the working world. A year ago I had a job. A job that helped me grow so much as a person and as an ACCer in general. Due to a few things I had to step down from my job. I'm now back at square one- looking for a job.

As an ACCer there are a few things that effect me in the work force. I have to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress triggers a lot of my ACC characteristics, my anxiety, my OCD, ADD, and autistic tendencies, it triggers blackouts and extreme clumsiness. Stress effects every part of my life to the point that I do not seem normal. I was told by my doctor that while some stress is unavoidable (I've learned to handle myself alright during these stressful times) I am not to have a job in retail, or food industry. In fact the only jobs that I'm actually supposed to have that I'll be able to work well in is Youth Ministry (what I got my degree in), Music industry work (promotion, management, things like that; which I have experience in starting rom 2004) and then working as an assistant which requires skills that I've gained through working as an aide all through middle school and even some in college. Anything beyond that I'm unable to do because my brain just can't handle it.

I'm not a lazy person, I LOVE to work. We live in a time where it's hard to find and keep a job though...

I've been called lazy recently, been told I'll never amount to anything, that I'll never find a job.

As with any ACCer every day is a struggle but we are NOT lazy people. Every ACCer I've talked to is an overcomer with a desire to work hard. Don't judge us...learn to understand our situation and if you could be in a position to help an ACCer or anyone with a disability to get a job PLEASE step forward and help.

I love the work I do to spread the word about ACCers, I love being a helper, and I love crafting things. I'm not a complainer... but I'm also a realistic adult. I know what people say, what people think- and I don't really care what people say or think about me but my life is an example of my fellow ACCers...don't judge. Just help. Have a nice night!