Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hey everyone,

The golf tournament went well! Thanks again Matt for doing that! Now after that I have great news. We will be able to do more fundraisers and hopefully grow our support. I'm working on contacting local schools but they havent been very supportive yet. I think once they know more about ACC and ACCAA I may see a difference there.

The saynow number is still working and hopefully I will soon be doing another phone call where you can call in and talk to me!

That is really all thats going on right now. :)
God Bless
-Lynnea of ACCAA

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life after college

Well Life after college has been rough but good. I'm still searching for a job. Other than that I've been struggling with some knee issues that we've traced back to how I've learned to walk because of my ACC and all that.

I just had knee surgery and am still recovering from that. So that's basically what my life has been about lately.

I've been frustrated and stressed, and my migraines are returning but I'm doing my best to keep my chin up because I know that it will all work out.

So fellow ACCers and family and friends of ACCers keep your heads up, because it may get tough but you can make it through. Growing up I was always told to smile through the pain and that really does do wonders! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ACCers are "different"

Dear ACCer, or Parent of ACCer,
Has anyone ever told you that you or your child were different. Have they told you that you don't fit in? Most of my life I didnt fit in with my family or fr
iends. I was "slower" or "quieter" (which is quite amusing since I was in the gifted and talented program in Middle school and am known as a huge extrovert.) But anyway, I always said things a bit off the wall according to my other peers. I never thought I would fit on. I've talked to Down's Syndrome kids, and Autistic kids that all felt the same. We all had different disorders but because we're different than the "normal" we didnt fit in. And thats hurtful.

But as I was looking through my devotional book I found a story that inspired me, and I thought maybe it would or could inspire you too. This is from my "Quiet Moments With God Devotional Journal for Women" from Honor books.


"Be honest in your judgement and do not decide at a glance superficially and by appearances; But judge fairly and righteously" John 7:24

Philip was born with Down's syndrome. He was a happy child, but as he grew older he became increasingly aware that he was different from other children.

He went to Sunday school with boys and girls his own age, and the
class had wonderful experiences together-- learning, laughing, playing. But Philip remained an outsider.

As an Easter lesson, the Sunday school teacher gave each student a large egg-shaped plastic container. The children were asked to explore the church
grounds, find something that symbolized new life to them, put it in their "egg," and bring it back to share with the class.

The children had a grand time running about the churchyard collecting symbols. Then they gathered back in the classroom and watched with great anticipation as the teacher opened each egg. In one egg, there was a flower, in another a butterfly. The students responded with great glee and enthusiasm as the teacher revealed the contents of each egg.

When the teacher opened Philip's egg, there was nothing inside. As could be expected, the eight-year-olds responded, "That's stupid! You didn't do it right."

"I did so do it right," Philip responded. "It's empty-- the tomb is empty!"

The class room fell silent. From that day on things were different. Philip became a full-fledged part of the class. The children took him into their friendship. He had been freed from the tomb of his difference, and he entered into a new life among his peers.

"You must looking into people as well as at them"

The devotion then ends with a statement to finish "My difference form others is good because..."

Answer that and see what you come up with.

Don't let anyone tell you that your difference is a bad thing! It's not! Your difference is a good thing. You may understand things a bit differently but you'll help others think in a different light and it's YOU that will teach them life lessons that they will keep forever! You are amazing!! And your "difference" just makes you that much more "normal"
because EVERYONE is different in some way! :)

Attached is a picture of a drawing I did in first grade. We were supposed to say what we liked about dinosaurs. And I picked the most simple thing:

"I like Dinosaurs because...they growl" It was the truth I thought a dinosaurs growl was amazing because to me back then their growl showed their strength and strength is beautiful. And yes I drew that picture at the bottom LOL

Saturday, June 19, 2010

School and ACC: I'm DONE!

Hey everyone sorry it's been so long since I've posted! My last semester at school was a tough one but I got all A's B's and C's!!! I did really well this semester. Got a perfect score when I had to memorize the To Be Or Not To Be speech from Hamlet. Not to mention I didnt get below a D on ANY tests this semester!

My secret there is that I had the tests given to me as oral exams. That went really well the first time it was done so this whole semester I did it and I did so well!! I'm so thankful for that option.

When I memorized the To Be Or Not To Be speech my secret is that I used colored idex cards and divided the speech into three different cards and memorized it through that. I also found the speech in song form on Amazon and got it and used that! So if you have a child or you yourself struggle with those similar things those are some things that you can do for that.

Anyway...On May 1st I graduated with a Bachelors in Youth Ministry!!! Now I'm just searching for a job and I'm leaving that to God. I'm focusing more on ACCAA (I'll blog more about this later.

And I now have a new project with some of my friends called LLLTD It exists to help young girls with self esteem and other issues. Look us up we've got a page and blog you can find us under LLLTD or Live Love Laugh Tackle (sometimes we have be Deteremined at the end of that) :)

I'm so excited to give most of my energy and time to these projects, and I'm glad to be done with school!!