Tuesday, October 5, 2010


hey everyone,

The golf tournament went well! Thanks again Matt for doing that! Now after that I have great news. We will be able to do more fundraisers and hopefully grow our support. I'm working on contacting local schools but they havent been very supportive yet. I think once they know more about ACC and ACCAA I may see a difference there.

The saynow number is still working and hopefully I will soon be doing another phone call where you can call in and talk to me!

That is really all thats going on right now. :)
God Bless
-Lynnea of ACCAA


Adelaide Dupont said...

More fundraisers would be fantastic.

They raise fun as well as money.

Why are the schools not supportive?

Lynnea Yancy said...

I wish I knew why the schools werent being supportive. Breaks my heart. But I'm still trying. I'll probably try even more in the new year. May have to break down some school doors but I'll get something done.