Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy HOLYdays and my school and ACC

Hey everyone....

I'm SO sorry I've not done any blogs for this page....I feel like such a slacker though I will tell you I've been trying to get others to do some entries for this...and no one has been able to take time to do that. Lives are busy but hopefully at least I'll be able to do better with his.

I hope everyones Christmas was AMAZING and that the New year brings amazing blessings to each of you.

My schooling this past semester took a lot out of me. But it was great, I tried my hardest I did all my work and stayed up on everything and actually passed with 2 B's 2 C's and 1 A!

Next semester I have Ethics, Death and Dying, Math, and 2 youth ministry classes so I only hope I do as well or better than I did this semester...After next semester I'll have 2 semesters left!!! I CANT WAIT....

Hope this wasnt too boring God Bless

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