Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ACCA news

Hey folks,

So ACCA has been REALLY busy this past week. First of all I finished two of the videos of ACCers that I was working on, and I will soon be working on the 3rd one. I also posted a 5 things not to tell someone with ACC video. And we finally have the petition to get awareness out there completed and posted. So please go help us out by reading and signing it. It is:

http://www.petitiononline.com/ACCA2009/petition.html God Bless
-Lynnea of ACCA


Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...


This video is absolutely beautiful!! :)

*Mom to 15 year old Matthew with complete ACC*

Sister Because of the Savior, Lariann said...

Thank you for sharing and taking the time to put this video together.I got teary watching. I can't seem to find the facebook group.

Lariann, mom to Jesse 10 (May 28th), P-ACC

supermumof4 said...

Loved the video very cute, keep up the good work on the blog i will read it often and cobgrats on your results :)

Mum to Erin 7 Months CACC

Trecia said...


I saw your ACC video on facebook yesterday, it was very touching. My grandson Joel is 8 mos old and has c-acc, I'm alwasy searching the web for more information and for peoples personal stories that we can refer to and learn from as Joel grows up.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Trecia MaMa to Joel 8 mos c-acc

sdurnell said...

Hi Lynnea,

Nice video. I noticed some pictures were taken at the conference; maybe we will see you there.

Susan, mom of Beth, 20, lobar holoprosencephaly and P-ACC

Niisu said...
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Niisu said...

I love the two videos that you made. Both of them are so touching. Thank you for doing this. I love to see my daughter par of these videos, I'm proud of her no matter what ♥

Kirsi, mom to Raija 16months p-ACC, hemangioma on her nose and lots of other issues.