Monday, September 8, 2008

Lynnea: ACC and School

Hey there from Ohio! Well as of now I'm starting my second week of school tomorrow. Just had my first monday class today. School is going to be tough this semester. But I'm excited.

If you know me you've heard me talk about how hard it is to be in school with ACC. I'm in my 4th year of college and it hasnt gotten any easier but I've learned so much. Not just in school but about myself. I've learned that since I go to a private university it's hard to get the accomodations I need. I dont really get much respect in school either. People just dont get that I have a problem and need help. They think I'm exagerating. Some have even said I'm LYING about my ACC. Now why on earth would I make up a brain problem just so people could make jokes about me missing part of my brain?

I'm getting off topic. So far it seems as though while this will be a tough semester it will be my best semester yet! My professors seem very understanding and I'm going to be working my but off. I'm doing my best to stay up on my reading. And so are I'm doing well. I'll keep small updates about school and maybe sometime we'll hear from some parents of kids in school. If you ever want to be an addition to this blog let me know! I'm sure the readers would love to hear from more than me! God Bless

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