Monday, March 2, 2009

Passion lit up again

Hey all-

Well School is still taken up most of my time though every free moment goes to ACCA. I love what I'm doing with ACCA. I've met SO many amazing parents and ACCers. My passion to get word out about ACC grows every single day.

Lately at school I've been called a liar, a fake, and a drama queen. This has all been because of my ACC. And I've been called these things by people who dont understand the disorder and those that dont WANT to understand it. And It's honestly annoyed me to no end. But also it has helped me to see the need of knowledge about the disorder ACC....and I want people to know about it, I want to be a voice to a people that dont get it. Lets face it, I'm stubborn, and with Christ in my heart and some people backing me up I can do this!!! And I WANT to. I'm excited about this passion that keeps growing within me.

About school, I'm actually doing okay in Math so far, which is good. I'm doing okay in my other classes. My ACC has been acting up a lot more due to stress and being mistreated but I'm trying to control it and overcome it. But I'm excited because after this week is spring break then I have 6 weeks left of school and I CANT WAIT TO BE DONE!!!!! :)

God Bless yall
"A Little Bit Longer And I'll Be Fine"

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