Sunday, April 5, 2009

School and ACC and ACCA update

Hey there my blog readers,

Hopefully in the coming months I get some more entries from other ACCers or parents or friends of ACCers to post. Until then heres the update concerning my ACC and school.

Everything was going good until my computer crashed, now I'm behind of school but I've got today and tomorrow to catch up. So thats good. It'll be good to be able to catch up with all my hw.

My ACC stopped effecting me as much concerning my school work after much needed prayer. Then suddenly thats when my computer crashed. And so with the stress it started acting up again, through headaches. But things are looking up. I had a BAD ACC headache yesterday but things are better today, praise God.

For ACCA we're still hard at work on the T-shirts and the petiton, I'm working on some other things as well. And I've got a friend that is putting together the music for the song for ACCA. I'm doing my best to get some stuff done for the kids of ACCA. We want to make this for ALL accers and those that dont have ACC.

ACCA is wearing the silver ribbons to represent brain disorders now. And we're loving what we're doing with that. God is good. I've got this month left of school then I'm done for the summer. And this summer I'm doing my internship, as well as doing a LOT for ACCA. This should be fun.

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