Thursday, June 18, 2009

ACCA Message Board

Hey everyone!

Well with everything thats been being added by ACCA to get the word out, from videos, to the petition, to twitter, say now, myspace, facebook, and a few other things including our website and this blog there was something else just added.

A good friend of mine, no stranger to the world of ACC e-mailed me a few days ago about an issue that was brought to her attention by some ACCers that she met on a message board. And I got to thinking about how a message board would be a great tool to use to get awareness out there. So ACCA has started a message board. Join it please! It's really small and I welcome ideas from all on what to add. Under each discussion you can add your own threads and I really hope everyone likes this. It can be found here: tell any and everyone that you feel can benefit from this! God Bless

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