Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ACCA and ACC and Me

Hey everyone,

Well ACCA is going crazy busy right now. Please continue to spread word about the petition. we need as many to sign this as possible. Just a few more and we'll be at 300 but we need MORE than that! Please go sign it and spread word to EVERYONE you know.

Also ACCA has a message board up now, you should join it.

And please if you are a parent of an ACCer and you want your child/teen involved in one a new video I'm working on of ACCer children and teens send me their picture at

As for my ACC and me, we're always fighting. Every day I struggle with headaches and here lately I've been struggling with the whole not driving thing...once I get a segway it will be much easier I think. My internship is going well and each week resposibility oppertunities in my life grow. So it's nice. Thats basically all thats going on for me now. I'm still workin hard on getting the word about ACC out there. :) God Bless

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Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...


I'm so sorry that you're struggling daily with headaches. I will definitely lift you up in prayer.

I am sure it is not easy to deal with the fact that you can't drive when you want to so much. I know I wouldn't like it if I were in your shoes. I think it's just normal to come to terms with something when you had other plans and hopes and they don't work out the way you dreamed of.

I know that God will allow you to do all the things He has planned for you without the need for a drivers license if you completely surrender it to Him. :)