Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RIP Kim Peek

ACCAA bows our heads in silent rememberance as we think of a great man who is an inspiration to many ACCers. This man is Kim Peek, at 58 years old this man has passed on. He was an ACCer and Savant with other "disablities" but this man was anything but Disable. He could read 8 books in a day, and retained all of that knowledge. He was the inspiration for the movie Rain Man (Star of this movie was Dustin Hoffman playing an Autistic Savant)

Let us remember this man in our hearts and lives and never let the memory of him die.

So many ACCers have had the opertunity to meet him, and so many of us who hadnt yet met him had a dream of meeting him. Please remember his father and the others whose lives this man touched...remember them in your thoughts and prayers.


Adelaide Dupont said...


We will miss Kim Peek.

His knowledge and memory was definitely 'mega'.

It is interesting that you are the first adult with ACC that I know since Kim Peek!

Russell Ricks said...

I met kim and spoke with his father on two occasions. I was amazed that an individual with his brain disorders could function at all. Kim is what you call a Mega Savant, because he shows a level of genius in 18 different subjects.

I am a professional artist. In 2008, I found out I also have complete ACC. I decided to get myself diagnosed after learning that my youngest son had this disorder. When I saw my brain scan x-rays, I told the radiologist, "I'm an ARTISTIC SAVANT. Less is more! I don't need a corpus callosum!"