Saturday, December 19, 2009

School and ACC and ACCAA update

Hey everyone, So it's about that time for an update, I'm home on Christmas break right now and I got my grades for this semester. So this section of the blog is for personal things that I've overcome.

I passed all my classes!!!
Youth Ministry Internship: A
Systematic Theology: C
Galatians: C+
Human Biology: D
Church History: C+

My youth ministry internship took a lot of hard work but I loved it.
As far as Systematic Theology and Galatians, those were some tough courses. The Bible classes are always the hardest but I enjoyed what I learned in there.
Human Biology: My Gen Eds are tough classes for me, through my 4 and a half years of college I had a difficult time with math and now science. I wish I could have done better in this class but I tried hard and did what I could, and I'm just thankful for passing.
Church History: This whole class was hard but I enjoyed it, I learned so much. Church History is facinating and through this I went to my first Catholic Mass service. I took away so many experiences from this class.

Though these grades arent the highest, they show that I did try, and I did well for the most part I'm proud of these grades because they show that through my ACC I didnt give up and kept trying.

Well We've hit our goal and surpassed it. We had a goal in October to get about 1000 signatures. At last count we had 1114. At the count before and at our Dec 15th date of when we'd hit the goal we had 1113! Praise GOD!!!

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season and pray safety and blessings upon all of you!

Happy New Year! The new year is fast approaching and will bring many things for myself and ACCAA.

Right now we dont have a new goal of petition signatures, but starting during the New Year we'll have a goal to hit 2000, Also starting in the new year I'll be contacting radio shows and magazines!

Outside of the petition, We're hoping by march/april that we'll have t-shirts and bracelets to sell!

The Saynow number is getting phone calls which is great, coming in the new year we'll be having new chats when I'm break (video chats so we can discuss new things in ACCAA) As well as Saynow live. I'll send out notifications through this, our message board, and facebook, and twitter, as well as saynow as to when I'll have saynow live on to where you can call the saynow number and I'll answer it, you can ask me questions about ACC or ACCAA and I'll answer them and talk to you about things! I'm really excited about this!

Other than that there are some other things that are still in the conversation area of planning but things ar happening just like their supposed to, PRAISE GOD!!
Love you all and God Bless

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Dear Lynnea:

Hope you had a nice Christmas break.

And well done with youth ministry!

There are so many facts to put together about the human body.