Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ACC and Me part 2

Hey everyone-
Sorry it's taken so long to get back to this! Soon there should be more blogs. But hopefully they will be from other people so that you dont have to put up with much more of me. Until then I'm going to share the 2nd and final blog of the "ACC and Me" series by...ME!

Basically all I really wanted to share this time was the difficulty of living day by day with ACC of my level. I get lost easily. I cant ride a bike. to tie my shoe is a pain because it just comes untied quickly again. Learning is like this: In one ear and out the other. Though I wish it wasnt...I like to learn...I wish I were better at it (haha)

I get easily frustrated with myself and the fact that I cant focus on certain things. Theres not one thing that I'm just great at. I tried doesnt stick well, tried other instruments and sometimes Its like I have relearn every time I pick the instrument up. I get so tired so easily and Migraines are my best friends. By this I'm saying I hate them but they are always there for me...

Dont get me wrong I'm not complaining. Life isnt bad it's just hard, but isnt it hard for everyone in different ways? Living life to the fullest is my way of overcoming my ACC. I am a Christian. I believe that Christ watches over me and helps me through each day, and I've felt His presence. when I've gotten lost theres always someone with me that will help me... people make fun of me because I cant ride a bike but its okay. I know what I can and cant do and I work with what I can work with.

ACC is very frustrating, its one of those things I wish I could beat...and I can just learning to cope with it, but not hide that I have it (like I wanted to do for so long...) is a form of me beating this. Making sure that people are aware of the ACC is a form of beating this! And I just feel so blessed to be given this opertunity.

Sorry that this isnt much. Join in next time for another blog with someone else about ACC! :) God Bless

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