Friday, July 11, 2008

ACC and Me

Hey again-

Well today I just wanted to touch on ACC on a personal level. I've been thinking a lot about how my ACC has been a battle and struggle for me personally, and for those that I know love and care for me.

I'm a very straight forward person. I like to plan, and It doesnt make me very happy when I've been planning something for a while and it just falls apart. I get moody and withdraw from people.

My ACC isnt as bad as some. I have difficulty walking well, I'm clumsy and I get lost so easy. Its a scary thing. A lot of the time I feel I am a burden on those that I care for. And then theres other people who always think I'm lying about my ACC because I'm "normal" and that in itself really hurts me because seriously why on earth would I make up a brain problem? Anyone thats known me since I was a kid that besides my heart, my brain is something I never wanted to doctors to have to look at and deal with when it came to me.

Then two years ago I felt like my world came crashing down, sure ACC isnt terminal...but its still there...well actually the point is that the CC is NOT there. Anyway my point is it's been tough. I practically live with migraines and I have to be careful not to hit my head. However I hit it, almost every day because I'm so clumsy.

Well this is the end of the first installment of ACC and Me. I'll talk about it more later!

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