Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jobs and ACC

I hope you are enjoying my blog posts so far this week! Today I go to work. So I felt that it was right to make todays post about the struggles with the job situation and having or finding a job. I'm trying to make each blog post honest but also still have a hint of positiveness. These are real issues that have come up due to my ACC but I've learned to either cope or overcome. I know that if I can do that- anyone can!

Through out my life I showed an interest in the business world and wanted to be an inventor when I was younger, then at one point I wanted to be a singer then a dentist. Then just before HS graduation I wanted to be a beautician then an interior designer. Finally when I got to college I was going to be a music major, then I switched to Journalist, before finally realizing youth ministry was the path for me.

When I was 18 (and finally driving) I got a job at a pizza place that my friend worked at. Life was good, it was my first job. At this point I still didn't know about my ACC. (I didnt find out about my ACC until I was 20.) I still made sure my boss knew that I wouldnt catch on quickly and that I would be somewhat slow about my work due to that. (I told him this before he hired me) 6 days later I was fired for both of those reasons! So I quickly moved on and realized that while I now made amazing pizzas I should not work in the food industry (unless I was my own boss haha) Well then I went to college. In middle school I was a library aid so when I went to college I applied for a job at the school library and got it. Because I had been trained in it before I did well at this job...except when I got stressed and bombarded with life and school. Finally when I was 20 we found out about my ACC and that was why I performed badly at work when I was stressed out. Then after 2 years working at the library on and off I realized that working while in college was not a good idea and did not reapply the following year.

During college I went to see my neurologist every 6 months. He is the one that told me no driving while in college- and he also told me that I would never be able to work in a regular job. The only job I could have was something that I've been trained in- meaning library work, something to do with music (promotion or musician either one), youth ministry, or secretary work. He said no to any food industry or retail work because with my ACC and stress levels I wouldnt be able to handle it.

Finally in May 2010 I graduated college. I spent the next year and a half looking for work. My options were limited and I was so...depressed. Then I got a job offer to work for someone as their Assistant. They work with 3 coalitions: Diabetes, Cancer, and Recovery. With this job I could help others (children and adults) I could do so many things that I've wanted to do to help others. I've been working there for 5 months now and this job has helped me grow. I've overcome so many obstacles from this job and have become more confident despite my ACC.

Everyone told me I wouldnt be able to do something. But I found a job that fits well. This job has a little bit of certain things I've been trained in: Spreading awareness, promotion, and since I've done things on the computer since I was 3 and I use a computer for my job thats another thing. :)

If I can find something that I'm able to strive for and work in I know anyone can. Don't give up just because someone says you cant. Only YOU know your true limits. I know I will probably never work in the food or retail industries, I know I'll never teach (unless I find a job in youth ministry one day) but in a classroom- no. But you'll find something. It might take a while but don't give up!

Keep striving and working for improvement daily. This encouragement isnt just for fellow ACCers but it is for anyone with Brain disorders or even anyone with any kind of something that might get them down.

Jobs might me hard to find but they are out there- even for people like me :)

Reminder: Keep wearing silver/gray this week for brain awareness week and keep spreading the word! I'll blog at you again tomorrow.

The next 2 posts will be about My background with ACC (a more indepth look at before and after my diagnosis) and then ACC and Depression! The weeks gonna be over soon! How crazy is that! but brain awareness should never stop!

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