Friday, March 16, 2012

Music and ACC

Today is the last day of Brain Awareness week but since I started posting these blog entries on sunday I'm going to post one more tomorrow and that will be about my ACC background.

Today's post is about Music and ACC

From a young age I was involved in music. My dad was a musician and he was always playing music around me. We've got videos from when I was about a year old bouncing to the sounds of Journey. Music calmed me down and it lifted me up. My dad used to sing at weddings and at church and I would watch him in amazement. I started singing when I was 3 just for fun. When I was 8 years old my dad and I started singing at church together. It's a memory that means the world to me now. I also started piano lessons when I was younger and was in band at school. I played Baritone, tuba, and percussion at various points in my 7 years in band. I was in choir during 3 years in high school and one year in college. Singing and music in general have always had a positive effect on me.

Then- I learned from an article that music helps your brain find neural pathways! After much research doctors have told me that they think that is why I function so well! Try it out! Listen to music, take up a musical instrument- see the effect it has. I've heard from other ACCers who truly feel like music has helped them as well.

Heres a page about music and ACC for you to read that has more to say about this:

Thanks so much for reading these posts this week! I look forward to sharing my background about before and after my diagnosis. :)

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