Thursday, March 15, 2012

School and ACC (getting bullied) includes Social skills and ACC

We hear many stories these days about kids getting bullied because they are different, whether it be because the child is guy, has an intellectual disability or other reasons bullying is a serious issue. Suicide rates are sky rocketing as the bullying issue skyrockets. So here I am sharing with you my story.

I tell people that I was bullied all through school and they don't believe me. But I was. In school I was a friendly person but I was awkward and never fit in. Social skills were a struggle for me. The simple things like when a conversation was over, or subject changes were things I couldnt catch onto. So people called me names they were harsh and mean and pushed me around.

So when my dad died I was put on homeschooling. During the year and half that I was doing that people at my school found me online and started sending me messages bullying me online! Which brings me to the whole wanting to die thing that I talked about during my "Depression and ACC" blog post. I was sick of getting bullied...but I survived through this. Then I graduated high school and was thankful for the bullying to be over with.

Then I went to college and the bullying got worse once I was finally diagnosed with ACC. People were mean, harsh, and made fun of me. I needed help in certain courses and fellow students would mock me. Finally I was given a platform where I preached a sermon about accepting people the way they are. The bullying stopped and my bullies apologized... but even now at 26 years old people who don't understand my ACC mock me and are mean to me...

I've learned to do my best in ignoring them. I also tell them the truth about my ACC and tell them that if they don't like me then they can leave me alone. If they don't leave me alone I block them on my phone or online and am civil to them in person.

School is difficult when you are going through difficult classes as well as struggling with social skills and getting bullied. Hold your head up high! School will be over in a few years. One day you'll be doing so well because you had to work so hard! You are not not alone. Prove all the "nay-sayers" wrong. Show them that while you may have to try harder you will still make it through! :)

Todays video that I'm going to post is another ACC kids video:

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