Sunday, March 25, 2012


In my life I struggle with many things. I think that we all do. One of my biggest things that I struggle with is the fact that very few people if any actually understand me.

Here is the 411 about who I am. I'm a girl who is completely and totally honest to a fault. It gets me trouble sometimes, but it is also a virtue that many appreciate in me. Sometimes I do have a lot of difficulty putting into words how I feel or what's on my mind. But I do try. However, like many of us matter what I do someone misinterprets what I say or do.

A lot of people seem to read to much into what I say or do. If I say one thing suddenly they think I'm saying something much bigger than what I was saying. This is a pet peeve of mine. How am I supposed to move on with my life and be happy when everyone else thinks they know everything about me.

Heres a tip. Let the person with ACC be themselves. If they are trying to tell you something it WILL come out and while it may take a while they'll make it as clear as they can for you. But do NOT misjudge them. It will only frustrate them and cause more problems.

Communication is tough, whether or not you have a Corpus Callosum...but when you don't that seems to complicate things even more.

On a personal level I like it when people are straight forward with me, I am not all about walking on eggshells, not only do I appreciate that from others but that's also how I communicate.

I'm writing this today because it seems like many people in my life keep trying to tell me how I feel without giving me the chance to say it for myself. Do you like it when other people do that for you? I didn't think so. So what makes you think I will?

Instead of causing trouble in each others lives why can't we just come together and work this stuff out?


April potts said...

️️Amen and the more I read your blog the more I realize I have so many of the same issues and all my life is starting to make sense!

April potts said...

Thank you for this blog!!